Enjoyment from a Familiar Job

When the pandemic hit, I lost my job at a company that I had been working at for five years. The company was going through some financial troubles before the pandemic, but things were exacerbated even further. Before working at this job, I had done some work on a cruise ship, which I enjoyed. Being on the open water and traveling to different locations was quite an experience. I looked for some jobs for yacht crew in the USA because I needed to find a way to make money, and there was no better way of doing it than by doing what I love.

I did some intense searching online and found a company that people could use to hire crew members. This same company also had a section where people could be hired to be on a crew. This was perfect for me, and I contacted them about what kind of jobs they had available. They had the perfect position available for me. Someone requested members of a crew for a yacht that would be sailing near Florida. This person was having some trouble because members of his normal crew had become sick. My mother was worried that I would get sick when I told her that I would be going on a yacht, but I assured her that I would be taking every necessary safety precaution to avoid catching anything.

Things worked well for me on the yacht. It was like getting back on a bicycle after not riding it for a long time. I loved interacting with the other people who were sailing on the yacht, and with my other crew members. The owner of the yacht was so pleased with the work that the crew had done that he wanted us to sail with him again the following week.