Just Got Started on the New Place

It looks like a real wreck right now, the place was owned by an elderly widow and she seems not to have done much to keep it up for a good long while. At any rate the place is a lot better off than it looks on the surface. None of the troubles that come with it are really going to be much trouble for me. The big item is not so big of a deal in the near future, I need to find a good deal on ac installation in Queens. That is obviously not going to be a big problem for a few months and I am going to have plenty of things to do in the meanwhile. I am wondering if it would be better to do that now, because I am going to have to do some other things which will require some demolition work.

Of course the place is perfectly liveable as it is, although the kitchen is straight out of a TV show like Leave it to Beaver or Hazel. I am sure that the place was built in the late 1960’s or the early 1970’s. The stove probably has not been used in awhile and the thermostat is broken, but that is a half hour job and I can do it with a beer in one hand if I want to take three quarters of an hour. The flooring and the ceiling tiles have to be replaced, but that is not exactly essential so long as I just want to live here, but the bathrooms are a lot bigger deal. Catherine made that as clear as it could be. She absolutely hates them and it is easy to see why. I am going to talk my cousin into helping me with that, or actually I would be helping him.