Benefits of using Liqui Moly oil

Motor oils being the protector of engines contains additives and protectants to sustain your engine at long, reduce friction, protect it from wear and tear and remove plaque or smug. Liqui Moly brand contains Oil Additives, Motor Protect, and Cera Tec, the three specialists to protect your engine from wear and tear. These additives and chemicals are designed to tackle friction, reduce heat generation, prevent wear and tear, and stop the accumulation of plaque. Liqui Moly Oil additives contain MoS2, which is abbreviated as Molybdenum Sulfide, a graphite-like substance that acts as a solid lubricant. It is a solid and resilient lubricant channel to contain friction, smooth movement and sliding contact of mechanical parts of the engine. This way, heat generation can be reduced and the engine can work in a better environment and with greater efficiency and sustainable results. The lesser the friction, the better will be the performance and vice versa. These additives ensure smooth movement and sliding contact of the parts, to avoid wear and tear of the parts.

Motor protect

The next additive, under consideration for benefits, is Motor Protect, which is a modern additive to protect your engine by making a thin film of lubricant on engine parts and to avoid harsh sliding contact. This is amazingly effective for engines that have already traveled 50,000 km. It ensures optimum engine performance and smooth running of parts and engines as a whole. By giving a smooth running guarantee, Liqui Moly Motor Protect is a guarantee of a significant reduction in wear and tear and is a name of efficiency, improved economy, and prolonged engine life. Therefore, a better and reliable motor oil like Liqui Moly brand can make your movement hassle-free and set you apart from engine problems. The third additive, Cera Tec, is a name of quality and is an amalgam of Oil Additive and Motor Protect, contains the advantages of both these chemicals. It uses tiny ceramic particles to make a thin shield of protection of engine parts, making it smooth to sliding and resilient to friction. This way, it can save you on wear and tear, and with their chemical and thermal stability, they can serve you by ensuring smooth-running, reducing fuel consumption and improving running conditions, generating less heat, and lesser friction.

Sustainability and environment-friendly mechanism

Liqui Moly oils are produced in the wake of sustainability and environment-friendly mechanism. Therefore, they are one of the best brands to serve your vehicle throughout its entire life, making it efficient and smooth, by exhausting lesser concentrations of the harmful chemicals through exhaust and improved fuel economy as well. If you are looking for a reliable brand to prolong your vehicle’s life and make it’s running smooth, Liqui Moly oils are among the best for you. No matter what type of vehicle you are using, it has solutions for every vehicle and every cruising area.